Sue Sally Hale

All-Woman Polo Team in California

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It made no difference that the all-woman team played teams that were rated higher. They won their first game, 8-5, then lost to Rancho Carnioso, 7-5, but the third game went to the ladies, 7-5. Their won-loss record put them into the semi-finals of the Governor's Challenge Cup. This game was the talk of the desert. The ladies came from behind, but lost by a single goal in the last ten seconds to a top team from Oregon...

The three-goal all-woman team representing the Moorpark (California) Polo Club is the first such team to play in the six-goal Governor's Cup in California sponsored by the United States Polo Association. The tournament, which had its finals in early April, had a total of 26 teams.

The spectators were amazed at the consistent ease and proficiency of the women as they rolled through their matches. Their games ranged from the physical, hockey type games to games that featured running, hitting and handling the ball. It was a joy to watch the team's horsemanship and the horses they rode. Locke Golliher was at 1: Sunset Hale, 2: Sue Sally Hale, 3: Cindy Wilson, 4. The Hales are a mother-daughter combo- Sue Sally has a two-goal handicap while Sunset, 14 is considered the best up-and-coming polo player in this part of the West, male or female.

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by Harold Jones