American Polo Pioneer


Sue Sally Hale

Please enjoy a few selections from the SSH Collection.

Throughout her life she worked with oil, pastels, pen, pencil, watercolor and combinations of those, on a variety of media including: canvas, paper, poster board and interesting pieces of wood. Her subjects ranged from; animals in the wild to her personal animals, her friend's animals, scenes from her life as she lived it and of course horses doing their sports; polo, dressage, jumping, steeplechase, racing and broncs.

A native Californian, Sue Sally was born with a talent for art. As a very young girl she immortalized polo games, horses and players she watched at the Riviera Polo Club near her home in Pacific Palisades.  She went on to earn a BA in Illustration & Cartooning from San Fernando State College (Cal State Northridge) and followed that by attending the famed Chouinard Art Institute of Los Angeles.