American Polo Pioneer


Sue Sally Hale

1972 was the year, for the first time the U.S.P.A. allowed women to become members. In 1979 Buzz Welker gave women's polo the big push into recognition. The Ralph Lauren Challenge Cup was the first National tournament for women recognized by the U.S.P.A. It was played in Tulsa, won by the Wyoming team of Susan Walton, Mary Alizon Walton, Jan Walker and Oatsie Von Gontard. There were five teams competing. In Wyoming the Intermountain National was held. Won in overtime by Jan Walker, Susan Von Gontard, Barley Davidson and Oatsie.Soon after, at Willow Bend, Texas the Midcontinent saw the team of Pat Kimbrel, Emily Harris, Mary Alizon Walton and Stormie Hale come out on top. In December in Carmel Valley, California the team of Sunset Hale (10), Susie Welker, Sue Sally Hale and Stormie Hale (14) take the Women's National  over six teams.

1980 Here at Royal Palm you will have a chance to see America's finest Ladies play for the first EAST WEST CHALLENGE. The East team of Vicki Armour, Leigh Eckstrom, Emily Harris, Bonnie Middleton (capt) and Oatsie Von Gontard coached by John Oxley will be handicapped at 5 goals, and awarded 3 more goals and will go on the board with the score of 5 to 0. The West will see Susan Walton, Mary Alizon Walton, Sue Sally Hale (capt.) and Stormie Hale coached by Mike Carney handicapped at 7 goals. First game will be April 6, second on April 12, and if there has been a tie the deciding game will be on the 13th.

During the week there will be a South east regional game. Featuring Texas versus Florida. Playing for the Texas, willow Bend team with be Pat Kimbrel, Susie Welker, S.S. Hale and Stormie. Florida will be Vicky Armour, Pat Van Dyke, Laura D'Alessandro and Maybe Runberg.


(East started with 5 goals on the board)

Game 1 East 7 - West 6

Game 2 West 8 - East 6

Game 3 East 7 - West 6