raised to 1 goal for 1983
Janet Baines
Oatsy V.G. Baker
Alina Carta    
Corinne Chambers
Leigh Eckstrom
Pat Van Dyke
Susan Walton

at 2 goals
Sue Sally Hale

Stayed at 1 goal
Vicki Armour
Stormie Hale
Emily Harris
Kim Kelly
Margaret Poor    
Bonni Roybal
Susan stovall
Mary Alizon Walton
Cynthia Wilson
Melissa Wolfe


by Steve Crowder

Polo Post  Dec. 31, 1982

American Polo Pioneer


Sue Sally Hale

The truly exciting handicap news for the women this year is that Sue Sally Hale has been raised to 2 goals. No one has worked harder or longer to achieve her goals. Way to go, Sal.

As we all know, women have been playing polo through most of the history of the sport in the United States. It's no big deal. But achieving what many men strive half a lifetime to accomplish and many never do (the national average is still only slightly over 1 goal) IS a big deal. Sue Sally Hale has been bucking for a promotion for some time now. She has many tournament championships under her belt, including an impressive win with an all-female team in Hawaii. Keep up the good stickwork, Sal.

Seven other lucky women have had their outdoor handicaps raised for 1983 to 1, bringing the total number of Outdoor Ones to 17 with one Two: