San Francisco got past the Dragon Slayers 10-8 as the two teams met December 15 at Empire Polo Club for the first U.S. Women's Arena open Championship.

  The Dragon Slayers grabbed a 4-1 lead after a chukker, but San Francisco closed within 6-5 by halftime. The winning team scored two goals in the third chukker and three more in the fourth, while the Dragon Slayers managed two goals in each of the final two periods.

  Kathy Batchelor scored five goals for the winners. Sue Sally Hale and her daughter Stormie notched 4 each for the Dragon Slayers.

San Francisco - Suzy Solvan (A), Caroline Anier (3), Kathy Batchelor (2)

Dragon Slayers - Judith Baker (2), Sue Sally Hale (3), Stormie Hale (3)


                                                                                               Polo Magazine 1991

Dragon Slayers

(LR) Stormie Hale (holding daughter Victoria), Sue Sally Hale, Judith Baker

Empire Polo Club, Indio CA

American Polo Pioneer


Sue Sally Hale

San Francisco Squad Corner's US Womens' Arena Crown