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Sue Sally Hale

I met her when I boarded my horse years ago next to her Polo Farm in Moorpark. We talked about her playing polo in Hawaii where I had grown up. She knew some of the polo players I knew when I was a kid hanging around anyone with a horse begging them to let me ride. Back then boarding next to the Polo Field I was trying to event and questioning my abilities but Sal was so supportive. She made me feel I could do it even at 40 & 50 something. Whenever I felt I was doubting myself, I told me Sal says I can do this so I can. I have one of her polo mallets hanging in my tack room today. I used to bat around a beach ball with it. She also changed my outlook with regard to animals. She had those possums, which I would have previously called wild animals, living in her bureau drawers and one time she told me there was a raven who brought her its dead partner to bury. She did and years later I found a dead raven with its partner hanging around, refusing to leave. I buried it. I probably wouldn't have done that if I hadn't remembered what she told me. I look at that mallet often and think of her and miss her. Wow!, what a gal and influence on my life.

--Sherri Grace

I have only been playing polo since last fall. I went to the desert a few times this winter to play, and played with Sue Sal a few times in practice chukkers and felt very fortunate that she was there to give her words of advise. I felt extremely honored that she played with me and coached me as well. She gave me a lot of inspiration. I understand who she was and her history with polo and I will miss her, and I know the sport will as well.
--Christine Schreck

I am very blessed to have known Sue Sally Hale, both as a cherished friend and neighbor. She and I, along with my husband and many other of our neighbors, worked tirelessly together to form the predominately Equestrian, Rural, and Agricultural Community of Vista Santa Rosa, California. An incredibly extra special and phenomenal person......Sal will remain in my heart and the hearts of many forever.

--Gayle Cady

I have lost the Best of Friends, Vista Santa Rosa has lost its Steadfast Leader (chairman of our community council), Polo has lost its Grande Dame, the U.S. has lost a True Patriot, and the World has lost a Great Lady.
--Ellen Lloyd Trover

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Sue Sally was the greatest cousin that I have had. She has taught me how to ride a horse since I was a little girl. She always let me come up there to her ranch every year for my birthday. She has been a legend to everyone in the polo fields. It was sad when I had found out that she had passed away. Sue Sal and I had such great memories and I wish I could have a least had a chance to say good bye. The great memories that she has put in my mind forever will never change. Every time I will get on a horse,it will never been the same way again. Sue Sal will be missed deeply by all the Jones'.
--Courtney Jones

I only had the pleasure of knowing Sue Sally for 3 years. I do not play polo, but went with her last summer up the coast with 7 horses and a pony to several matches. I am a novice that she again was teaching riding at my young age now of 54. In these few years, I have learned so much about horses, people and life itself. Just last week, after doing sets with the horses she quipped, "you know what Louise, I bet we could run this ranch, just you and I." In the next minute, I would flub something, and she would say, "you're fired.!" That happened almost every time I showed up at the ranch. She was a true friend, a blessing to animals and people alike. I will miss her greatly, but I thank God I knew her even if the time was so short. God be with you and your loved ones.

--Louise Prisco

I am having a hard time believing that Sue Sal is gone. I just played with her a couple of weeks ago in the ladies tournament. Even though I did not know her that well, I remember the first time I met her and she asked where I was from. When I said Pierre, South Dakota she was so excited to tell me she was part Sioux Indian and that her Grandfather or Great Grandfather (I can't remember which) had a Headdress in the Museum there. He had been a great warrior in the Indian battles with the whites in the area known as the Black Hills. Very fitting for a women who was also a warrior in her own rights. I will miss playing with you.

-- Therese Volmer

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