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Sue Sally Hale

Five teams entered the tournament with Tulsa playing four chukkers against Cornell, and Jackson Hole playing two chukkers apiece against the Americas and Green Country.  Jackson Hole, with sisters Mary Alizon and Susan Walton, Oatsie von Gontard and Jan Walker, beat the Americas made up of Bonnie Middleton, Margaret Poor, Rhonda Ramos and Nancy Hoyle. In the next two periods Jackson Hole once again proved to be the winner overtaking Green Country's Linda Moree, Phyllis Billins, Thresa Green, Jean Ann Carpenter and Dana Ward.

Ralph Lauren Challenge Cup

  Sunday 600 people crowded the stands at Southern Hills for the finals between Tulsa and Jackson Hole. The calcutta held Saturday evening showed the stakes favoring Jackson Hole with the highest bid, $3,000. Tulsa got the second highest bid, $2,500.

  Tulsa was given a goal by handicap and in the first period took the lead 3-1 Kimbrel scored the first goal and Harris, a precision shooter,s cored the second. Mary Alizon Walton, playing a superb game, scored Jackson Hole's point in the first period and followed with two more goals in the second. At halftime the score was tied 3-3. In the third period Sue Sally Hale scored once for Tulsa. Sue Sally's daughter Stormie's coordinated teamwork was a pleasure to watch. Walton scored once for Jackson Hole. The last period showed a determined Jackson Hole coming on strong with von Gontard and Walker tallying one goal apiece. The game ended 6-4 with Jackson Hole taking the first Women's National Championship for the Ralph Lauren Challenge Cup.

  Tulsa's team with Stormie and Sue Sally Hale, Emily Harris, Susie Welker and Pat Kimbrel smeared Cornell's Janet Burgess, Pam Woods, Corene Chambers and Cindy Gardner 9-3.Mounted on Oxley's horses and playing one of their first outdoor tournaments, Cornell played a tough game and rode well.

Polo Magazine 1979

Jackson Hole (standing)- Oatsie von Gontard, Mary Alizon Walton, Paul von Gontard, Susan Walton, Jan Walker, Portia Preston. Tulsa (front row) - Emily Harris, Susie Welker, Sue Sally Hale, Stormie Hale, Pat Kimbrel.

  Tulsa Charity Polo hosted the first Women's National Tournament in June. Women and polo became one exciting reality as low-goal teams representing 11 states came to participate in four full days of polo activity. Events began Thursday, June 21 with the Tulsa Women's Handicap and culminated June 24 with the Ralph Lauren Challenge Cup sponsored by Cardan & Co. Other highlights included the Sue Sally Hale Clinic, a consolation match, a fashion show and a barbeque.

  Players arrived Wednesday morning in time for a day of practice warm-ups. Thursday, 20 players registered for the Sue Sally Hale Clinic which covered basic instruction on horsemanship and polo. Tips such as how to conserve energy and the best way to carry a mallet were geared to women players.The clinic ran three days ending in a joint session between Sue Sally Hale and Billy Linfoot who was the official umpire for the game.

  Semifinals and finals for the Tulsa Women's Handicap were played Thursday and Friday afternoon in a round-robin series. Players were divided into three groups: the Red, Green and Blue teams. The Red team, comprised of Emily Harris, Corene Chambers, Susie Welker, Pat Kimbrel, Pat Reed and Carol Miller, emerged the victors with the four wins and a silver Ralph Lauren Cup.

  Rain left the fields unplayable for Saturday's semifinals of the Ralph Lauren Challenge Cup, but John Oxley invited players to use his Southern Hill fields.